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08.17.14 @ 13:0613

I stayed in on a Saturday night. I know most people in their 20s love to go out on Saturdays. They love the nightlife. They love to boogie. But I hate the over crowded bars and the over priced drinks. Just thinking about to wear on a Saturday night stresses me out. It’s an hour of:

"Does this look okay?"

"Do I look like one of those girls who shouldn’t be wearing that outfit?"

"Why do I care what everyone thinks?"

"Can I wear sweatpants to a bar?"

After a long pep talk and a bank account check, I’m ready to go.

Then it’s a night of awkwardly standing around the over crowded bar where people are ten times drunker than you could ever be. The music sucks and you can’t hear yourself or the friends that you came with. Then after the second drink (because you chugged down the first one to put yourself at ease) you think:

"Where’s the restroom?"

"Nine dollars for THIS?"

"Why I am here?"

"Thank God, I’m not THAT girl."

Sometimes I’ve been that girl and it’s always no bueno.

SO THIS WEEKEND I DECIDED TO STAY HOME. Sure, I have some bills that I have to pay and maybe that’s why I declined to go out. Don’t get me wrong, I like a drink after a late night work shift or a nice happy hour. But weekends? No thanks. Especially in LA.

Guys, I get to miss the, “So what do you do?” question that every guy seems to ask and IT FEELS GREAT!

"Oh, you’re staying home? What are you going to do all night?"



And this


But really with Ted, it’s this


And this



Also it’s a lot of Fraiser on Netflix and The Dead Files on the Travel Channel. I’m partying like it’s 1999! Okay, I’m partying like I was 10 in 1999…Where I was home on a Saturday night.

Here’s one tumblr I promise to keep up and more or less post the same things.

Despite popular belief, I’m emotionally stable.

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I feel fine/nothing.

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The Nietzsche Family Circus

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The spinster daughter, the resented stepmother, the 40 whacks, the locked doors and blocked walls of the family living quarters, and a crucial sojourn under the pear tree: the elements of the alleged crimes of Lizzie Borden are just too good to resist.

Why Lizzie Borden’s Murder Case Will Remain Forever a Mystery

01.28.14 @ 12:3547


Debbie Harry, 1977.  Photo by Bobby Grossman

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